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Launch supports full-time, on-site founders aiming to launch and advance their venture through a six month milestone based accelerator program. Financial and programmatic resources will be provided to support the operationalization, launch and early growth of new ventures. Open to recent alumni and faculty.


Who is Eligible: Young Alumni (<2 years), Faculty

Venture Types: Scalable ventures from any industry

Venture Stage: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to Sustainable Growth Path


  • Full Time

  • 6+ Months

  • In-Person

  • Milestone-based

What You Get:

  • Business "triage" to identify current strengths and weaknesses of venture

  • Dedicated space in Lehigh Ventures Lab

  • Direct external coaching from experienced experts

  • Professional service provider access for setup services (legal, accounting, insurance etc.)

  • Access to prize funding based on venture need

  • Access to investor and next step networks

Application coming soon!

Please email if you'd like to be notified when applications are posted.

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