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Boost supports Lehigh faculty, recent alumni, and advanced student entrepreneurs to move from venture ideas to viable startups. Programmatic and financial resources will be provided with a particular focus on building out teams, legal structures, Minimum Viable Products and financial modeling to support the operationalization, launch and early growth of new ventures.


Who is Eligible:

  • Lehigh Faculty

  • Recent Lehigh Alumni (<3 years since graduation)

  • Lehigh Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Venture Types: Scalable ventures from any industry

Venture Stage: Externally Validated Prototypes and Business Model to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Early Sales


  • 6+ Months

  • Milestone based progress outcomes

  • "Do it for real" attitude with realizable goal of launching scalable venture

  • ~3 hours per week of time with peer founders, individual coaches, and content experts 

What You Get:

  • ​Dedicated space in Lehigh Ventures Lab

  • Business "triage" to identify current strengths and weaknesses of venture

  • Direct startup coaching from experienced experts

  • Direct industry specific coaching from experienced experts

  • Professional service provider access for setup services (legal, accounting, insurance etc

  • Access to a self serve content library on startup basics

  • Access to Founders Circle, a weekly facilitated peer founders group conversation

  • Talent access and project based support through Lehigh course sponsorship

  • Access to Peoples First Credit Union loans for program graduates

  • Access to investor and next step networks as appropriate

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Lehigh Ventures Lab take equity in my venture?

    • Lehigh Ventures Lab does not currently take an equity stake in participants ventures.

    • We do ask for you to acknowledge that these services are being provided due to the immense generosity of alumni and friends of the university and ask for you to consider contributing back to the program as you succeed in your business and career to support the next generation of founders.

  • If my business isn't far enough along for Boost what other help is there for me at Lehigh?

    • Check out the EUREKA! Venture Program, Hatchery, and upcoming reoccurring events including Idea Bounce and going from Zero to One.

    • There are many other education programs as well which can be explored here

  • As a faculty I'm not sure if this is a fit or if a startup is possible for me, what should I do?

    • Reach out to Michael Rinkunas ( to learn about options and policies related to faculty startups, there's a lot of new opportunity for this at Lehigh!


Deadline: Applications will be collected and reviewed on a rolling basis

Application Process:

  1. Complete written application

  2. Pitch to review panel and participate in Q&A

  3. Reviewers will check all materials and may contact your reference(s)

  4. You will be contact with a decision and next steps

Note: We will do our best to work with your individual scenarios as we know they can be wide ranging in the startup space. With this said please keep in mind there may be unforeseen eligibility or policy barriers that may delay or prevent our ability to support your venture.

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